Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The way you say my name....

When my friends spoke about the love of their lives...their talks would leave me all muddled....Oh Lucky..u wont understand. Its the way he looks at me....its the way he talks to me....Its the way he makes me feel special....its the way he takes my name. I was never one of them....i had my own fair share of admirers...but could never understand how ne1 could commit to one person and stay wit them their whole life....being a Gemini sum things come naturally to being a flirt....and flirtation and monogamy dont go hand in hand...or so i thought!

Like all classic love stories....mine started with hatred too....ohh how i abhorred him...he was the most foul mouthed manager I had ever come across with a temper that was ready to burst on any unsuspecting soul he could lay his eyes on. I absolutely detested him and how I prayed and wished that my ex manager comes back...but obvsly God had other plans in mind!!

It was June and the early showers had just started.... and like any Mumbaite...I left with the firm belief that...if I dont carry my umbrella… it wont rain....but rain it did and how!! And the cars in Mumbai have one unwritten rule....if u see any lonely girl struggling to protect her costly sandals from the murky waters.....ensure that she doesn’t have to worry about dirtying her dirtying her dress!!

So there I was...all drenched from head to toe...waiting for a cab to take me to work (ya am I dedicated or wat) when a car comes and stops next to me.....the power windows roll down in style and there sits Mr K in all his John Miller splendor smiling at my sorry state. "JaiJaiShubhLaxmi (ya thats my name)...can I drop u to work" Not that I had a choice. The 2.5 hrs we spent together that day (the traffic was killing) were an indication of many more to come. I was amazed at the ease at which I could connect to sum1 like easily the words flowed and how easily I started liking him.

The familiarity grew and with it grew our flirtations, the late nite phone calls and the messaging between meetings. As our flirtations (cant call it a relationship...coz the relationship part was mostly in my head) grew from strength to strength I experienced what I had only heard till was in the the way he looked at was in the way he talked to was in the way he made me feel special....and it was in the way he took my name....I had heard ppl saying your name sounds different when the one you love says it.....and different it did sound...coz he was the only one who insisted on calling me JaiJaiShubhLaxmi.

Our one year anniversary dawned and he called me home to introduce me to sum1 special…. actually it wasn’t just me who was invited…but my whole team…but I kinda guessed that he did that so that I wouldn’t feel too awkward going to his place all by myself. I bought a bouquet of flowers (I couldn’t go empty handed now could I) and reached his house.

“Hey JaiJaiShubhLaxmi…meet my wife Renu..its our 4th anniversary today…that’s so sweet of you to get flowers for us” he smiled. It took 3 vodka shots to get me back to my senses…and observe what I had turned a blind eye to for so long…the way he talks to me…he talks that way to every1 else….the way he looks at me..he looks that way at every1 else…the way he takes my name and insists on calling me JaiJaiShubhLaxmi...he does that to Harishchandran too (who insists on calling himself Harry btw)
Bottom line: I am back to being a non believer in relationships but with a whole new perspective….yup you can be flirtatious and yet stay monogamous … and I have Mr K to prove it!!