Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The one with the green headphones...

He is a typical angrez cutie pie. Tall, blue eyes, spiked hair and headphones with blaring music. Green headphones. He takes the same train as I do in the mornings. In my initial days, I would stare at him from a distance, knowing that a cutie like him would never notice someone like me. But notice me he did. Noticed the sloppy me spilling coffee on my pink shirt. Noticed the lost me looking for a loo in the train. 

A couple of weeks ago, in my rush to catch an empty window seat, I spilled coffee from a discarded coffee cup on my pretty pink shirt. Although, I religiously avoid public loos, I had no choice but to go splash my shirt with water or face the prospect of spending the whole day with the unsightly stain. Now, yeh UK ke train loos bhi bade funky hote hain. Handle wandle toh hota hi nahi. Try as I may, I couldn't get the door to open.  Mr Green Headphones, who was watching my predicament from a distance, came up to me, pressed a button and the door opened with a whoosh! Having splashed my shirt with water, I came out and tried closing the door but it wouldn’t budge. My knight in shiny headphones came to my rescue once again and closed the door with the flick of another button. I smiled coyly. He flashed a bright grin. 

And we went our separate ways.

But fate had other things in store. 

A couple of days later, I was late for work. Running, I managed to squeeze into the train just as the doors were closing. I got in but my bag did not. I was stuck, main andar, mera bag bahar. Embarrassed, I kept tugging feebly at my bag, but it refused to budge. Phir kya hona tha, in true hindi movie style, Mr Green Headphones came to my rescue yet again. In a display of super human strength, he pulled the doors apart, muscles bulging, shirt fating, bisceps showing. That is how the scene played out in my mind. In reality, he pulled open the doors with help from a baldy uncle with an umbrella and a muscular guy who looked like he spent a lot of his time in the gym. Honestly, I now kinda feel like Mr Headphones was doing pulling ka natak and bechara baldy uncle and muscular gym guy were doing all the mehnat. My bag was rescued in the nick of time and I thanked the trio coyly. Actually, the coy smile was meant for Mr Green Headphones but continuity maintain karne ke liye I gave same to same smile to everyone.

And we went our separate ways.

But fate, obviously, had other things in store. 

I was at the coffee machine at work a couple of days later, blabbering away with my friend T. Coffee cup in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, I was oblivious to the tall and cute guy standing behind me. My phone rang and in my haste to answer it, I dropped my coffee cup. Coffee splashed out and splattered all over the guy's light coloured trousers. Scared, I turned to apologise. And came face to face with, no prizes for guessing, Mr Green Headphones!! While I apologised profusely, he shrugged and walked away. 

As Mr Fate would have it, Mr Green Headphones urf Matt works in my office. In an office full of tall, cute guys, he seems to just blend in. Waise bhi all angrez ladka log look the same to me. If it weren’t for his green headphones, I dont think I could have lusted after recognised him on the train everyday.

He walked up to me at work yesterday. Smiled and sat on the chair next to me. And in cool dude style asked "Do you want to meet up for coffee today."
I smiled coyly, jhukofied my nazrein and answered "I hope the coffee is in a cup and not on your pants this time".

And that is the reason why, yet again, we went our separate ways. :D :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Mr Sexy Forearms....

Tumhara yun mujhe chedna, muje yaad rahega,
Every smile I smiled with you, mujhe yaad rahega,
Tum mujhe yaad rakho ya na rakho ae sexy forearms wale,
Tumhare saath bitaya hua harr pal, muje yaad rahega ♥ ♥ ♥

Woh tumhari katilana hassi, the way you looked into my eyes
Woh tumhare deep, deep dimples, the way you touched my arm,
I read between the lines, I overanalysed your words,
I tried, I promise, but I just couldnt resist your charms 

Tere saath parking lot main ghumna, mujhe yaad rahega
Woh tera mere paas chipak ke baithna, mujhe yaad rahega
Tumhare kadamo main toh pade hain sekdo dil, ae dil churane wale,
Lekin hume humara khoya hua dil, humesha yaad rahega