Sunday, February 28, 2010

Any one missed me….??

I have been MIA from my blog for close to a month now. Not that anyone noticed :(

Everyday I would open my mailbox hoping to find emails asking me where I was….why wasnt I posting...emails telling me how my writing was missed and how they would do anything to see me post again. But Afsoos!! No one noticed my absence, no one missed my emails..not even a comment :(

This is enough for any self respecting blogger to mend her ways and stop bloggin bakwaas. Infact, it did occur to me, that I could start writing poems (I am pretty good at rhyming, you can check out the creative gems strewn around in my and Bluntu's comment section) or I could start writing dark gory stuff (I have tried that once) or I could write fairy tales vampire tales (love Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer)..but then that puts the people around me at risk. With no place to vent out all the bakwaas energy I have, I tend to torture people around me with my bakwaas stories. I am single mouthedly responsible for my mom losing nearly half her hair, for P losing her hearing and for R suffering a concussion (she banged her head on the wall in frustration).

So, in favor of everyone I love and adore, I decided to go a youth festival organised by the local church, where I could diffuse some of my energy around. All youngsters were invited to be a part of this fun filled weekend where we were stayed in make shift camps and learned to cook, sing and dance. Volunteering for those 2 days made me overcome some of my greatest fears..stage fright and fear of babies..and gave me a amazing set of new friends. I emerged out of this experience a better, more confident person...or so I thought. It was at an outing with these newly found friends last week that terror struck.

There we were enjoying a noisy, fun filled dinner when our laughter caught the attention of a really cute baby on the table behind us. My friends started coochie cooing the baby and filled with newly found bravado, I joined in. The mom was more than delighted to pack the kid off to our table while she cosied up with her husband. My friends started feeding the kiddo cheesy pasta while I sat at a distance, smiling and waving at intervals.

Big Mistake.

One jhalak of my smile and the child was smitten. Waving a fork, he struggled to get into my arms. A child with cheesy pasta stuck to a fork didn’t really look like good news to me and I tried my best to avoid getting close to him. His beady eyes filled with tears and he threatened to bawl any minute.

"Oh come on, he is only a kid....kya kar lega woh" my new found friends chided.

I now know what they mean by peer sure makes you do weird things.

Unwillingly, I took the kiddo in my arms.

He smiled an angelic smile.

And poked the fork right into my hair.

A fork filled with kiddie drool and cheesy pasta stuck in my beautifully blow dried hair. His smile turned to giggles and yes, my friends, colleagues, acquaintances joined in too. I am now known as Cheesy head in my new found circle.

So I am back to with my bakwaas to Fullon, the only place where no one laughs at me, where I can share my most embarrassing stories without feeling embarrassed.

Its a place I miss even though it doesn’t miss me, its a place where I can be me. Where people accept me for the Bakwaas I shell out, where no one expects me to change and write serious writer type posts.

This is my 51st post. Still have another guest post to go. But the guest is a ghost. He comes online late at nights when poor little me is fast asleep. Plus, he is too caught up at work and has no time to write a post. The ghost who works!!

So I decided to give Mr Ghost a break and post the 51st myself.

Ghostie, you are now azaad to write whenever you have the time. Thanks for being an amazing friend.

You rock :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Broken Toe Nails, A Sprained neck and The 49th post

Its been 6 months since I started my blogging journey Typical

Wow my 49th post, I never thought I would reach this far Boring

I am choked with emotions as I write my 49th post 49 th post hai, Booker winning speech nahi

Umm..lets try writing something in third person....

What started as a way to ward off boredom has now become an integral part of Shanu's life.

Shanu the drama queen obviously wants some drama..48 posts..8 months of blogging and yet she cant come up with a dhansu 49th post.

The last couple of weeks haven’t been very kind to her.. Attention seeker

Playing bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding ended with Shanu nursing a broken toe nail which still mars the beauty of her pretty feet...A lady dressed to kill (with her razor sharp stilettos) poked crushed stamped on Shanu's toe. Its been 2 weeks now and yet the poor toe refuses to heal.

A rickshaw trip to Thane for her friend's mehndi ended with Shanu nursing a sore neck...The rickwala (obviously a Schumacher fan with his fake Ferrari jacket ) was someone who treated speed breakers as a device to check if his rick could fly. Me thinks, if need be, he will even manage to fly across a half built flyover like Sandra Bullock in Speed….Now if only he were half as cute as Keanu :)

Her weekly trips to the doctor give her ample opportunity to come up with something creative, something brilliant, something befitting of a 49th post but yet when she decides to write, she ends up with nothing...

Fullon Bakwaas was the only high point in her otherwise non happening life..Her bakwaas found a new target and made life bearable for the people around her....Striking friendships was never on her mind.. and yet she managed to 'make fraaandship' with many amazing bloggers...She wrote some good posts and some really bad ones but yet her blogger friends never failed to light up her blog with their amazing comments. Thank you Ashley, Mindey, Bluntu, Riddhi for being such amazing comment section wouldn't be half as interesting without you guys..

She reads amazing posts by some of her friends and wonders why cant she come up with something half as good..Check out the blogs I follow..They are all wow!

As she writes this she knows that although this post will go down in history as a super pakkau post, her friends and their comments will ensure that anyone who comes here for a laugh doesn’t leave without one.

Coming up with something dhansu for her 50th and 51st post fills her with dread.... but being super intelligent she decides to do what she does best…Delegate ;)

She gives fullon emotional torture to 2 of the greatest bloggers on Bloggerville and convinces them to write guest posts for Fullon :)

So keep your eyes peeled for some Not so Bakwaas (read brilliant) stuff coming your way on Fullon Bakwaas in the next couple of weeks.