Sunday, January 24, 2010

To My Dearest Chimpu....With Love

I still remember the day,
When destiny threw me in your way,
The way you smiled, the way you helped me pick my book,
Oh your innocence and your grace,
You mesmerized me with just one look.

Your chashme wala chehra,
You roaming around dooba soch main gehra,
Your face became my memory ka permanent part,
But I dont think my clumsiness made an impression to last.

Trips to the cafeteria are but a reason to look at you,
I now time all your trips to the loo,
The way you walk with your laptop,
It makes my heart flutter and my dhadkan stop,

On the bus ride home, I take tere bajuwala seat
But you sit unaware and sway to your Ipod ka beat.
Do you know I travel 4 additional stops just to be with you?
To grab your attention, every week I wear something new.

I know you love chocolates, I know you are allergic to nuts,
You treat me as a friend but you dont notice my new haircut.
I know you read Paulo Coelho, I know your music ka taste,
You know nothing about me, all my efforts are a waste.

You blog about the love of your life, who I know isnt me,
You call her cutie but I am way better..Oh why cant you see?
With my black eyes and lovely tresses,
I look like Chandni ki Sridevi!

The whiff of your perfume makes me turn your way,
I see you choochie cooing to someone, asking her out on Valentine's day :(
My diary is filled with dates too....
But the difference is - I have dates only for you :(

This poem is dedicated to my Chimpu bhola bhala..
Woh kaisa hai re mandus, uske dimag par laga hai tala!

My first attempt at poetry now hangs in a limbo,
I dunno how to end this..Man! I am such a dumbo!
I know this poem wasn't very khaas..
Cmon wat else do you expect..Remember you are on Fullon Bakwaas!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Just Bakwaas.....

This isnt the normal fictional stuff that I usually blog about. Something has been bothering me for the last few days and what better place to vent it out than my dear Fullon.

A girl I work with has been having a lot of problems with her husband who mistreats her and beats her up nearly every alternate day. Unable to bear the torture anymore, she poured her heart out to me last week. Her husband is extremely well placed and has a lot of political connections. She told me that she wished to separate from her husband and needed my help (!) He has threatened to take their 1 year old daughter away from her if she files for a divorce.

Now, I am not a lawyer and I cant boast of being mature enough to handle issues of this nature. But desperate as she was for a helping hand and a sympathetic ear, she asked me to help her out.

When I mentioned this to my mother, she obviously freaked out. Trying to help people has landed me in trouble in the past. And anyone with political connections is enough to scare the wits out of her(or out of anyone for that matter). She strictly asked me to keep out of this.

Facing the girl, looking at her bruises and watching her cry her heart out everyday, isnt a easy task. I caved in.

I contacted Woman welfare groups and tried getting legal aid so that she could separate from her husband and retain custody of her child.

All this while, she would come to me and tell me how dangerous her husband is and how he could stoop to any levels to get his way. Infact, her parents are so scared of thier son-in-law that they have distanced themselves from the whole scene and have left their daughter to her fate. Honestly, it would freak me out everytime she would mention her husband's political connections and the various ways in which he had tortured her and her parents. But call it my bravado or my stupidity, I continued to contact agencies which I thought would get her out of this.

2 days ago, I sent her an email from my official id with details of all agencies she could contact to seek legal aid. Now this email had my full name in addition to the place I work at and my cell number.

Imagine my horror when I found out that she had forwarded that email to him (to intimidate him) without bothering to delete the mail chain. Which means that her politically well placed husband now has my name, my number and obviously knows where I work. I am freaking out imagining what the repercussions of this could be if he is indeed as dangerous as she made him out to be.

I havent told anyone at home about this as it might end up scaring everyone and this isnt something I wanna involve my family in.

I do not know why I have blogged about this, but in my current state of mind couldn't think of anything else.