Saturday, March 27, 2010

Googling Memories...

8:45 pm Andheri Local

"Hey, You are Shanu right? From ****** school at Andheri? Remember me?? I am Eliza."

I gave her a broad smile while my mind started hunting through the various names I had stored under the School section in my brain. Its in times like these, that you wish life was like Google..Bas enter the name and you have all the information you need about the person right from her date of birth to how she looks to details of why you are no longer in touch.



The window seat in the class was her favorite. It allowed her to stare out at the traffic going by and on rainy days splashed drops of cold water on her. Chotu Shanu went to school in a time when the classrooms weren’t air conditioned like they are was the rickety old fan that tried its best to keep the kids cool but failed miserably.

Her neighbor, a long black haired girl nudged her and they giggled. Eliza was her best friend. They shared their tiffins in the recess and played together during PT.

Eliza wasn’t like the other girls in her class. Some things about her were her pretty grey eyes and her long hair..and the million lice that called it their home. The lice would jump around merrily while Shanu watched in fascination. It was like a little kingdom on her friend’s head. A couple of huge ones were called King and Queen while the chotu motus were the servants.

While Shanu played with Eliza and her lice, Shanu’s mommy spent a fortune buying Medicare to get rid of the lice that Shanu merrily brought home with her everyday. A million shampoos and 3 complaint letters to Medicare (to complain about the poor quality of their products) later, her mom gave up. Finally, it was time for the schools to close for summer and the lice finally left Shanu’s head in peace.

“You don’t remember me?? We were bench partners in Std III after which I moved to Canada. We were together again in Std IX remember?”

Searching….Eliza….Eliza..Std IX

Std IX

Shanu looked at the new girl who walked up to her in the canteen..she didn’t look like she was new here. The girl squealed “Shanu, don’t tell me you don’t recognize me!! I am Eliza..we were in the same class in Std III”

Shanu gave her a broad smile while her brain started hunting through the various names she had stored under Std III.


“Uff, this heat is making my hair all ichy and irritating the lice in my hair.” She said.

Shanu, who no longer found lice and their kingdom fascinating, suddenly remembered Eliza and the bottles of Medicare. Medicare smelled way was she spending another school year using Medicare to shampoo her hair. No, she was way too cool for that.

That year, the school was buzzing with gossip about the not so new girl Eliza with the mini Lice kingdom in her head, who would remove her socks the minute she entered the class and folded her skirt an inch above the mandatory length. All this in an effort to fit in..and yet nothing was done about the lice and the havoc it played in the life of her bench partner that year.

Search ended…486897 memories found

I beamed “Ahh Eliza, of course I remember you” I said, while I stared at her in surprise. Her beautiful hair framed her heart shaped face and her grey eyes twinkled when she smiled.

I quietly moved from the seat next to her to the seat opposite. It was a great ride back home that day… with loads of catching up and trading loads of gossip about all our ex school mates. I reached home, Medicare in hand, pleasant and happy memories rekindled and most importantly, with the old, not so pleasant ones deleted. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mood :o(

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Have my recent posts been so pathetic that people have now started unfollowing me?? Was the reducing comment count, a beginning of the end??

Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi
Hume sazadi bakwaas ki, aisa kya gunha kiya
Ki number of comments gir gaye, haan gir gaye,
Saath lekar kar gaye, kuch followers bhi :o(

P.S: This is not a pathetic plea for enticing new followers. I hope this post doesn't get me sympathy followers..that would be worse than having no followers at all!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Thing called Love....

PDAs disgust me and an overdose of mushiness makes me wanna throw up. Rounds of light hearted banter, loads of teasing and listening to the same stories a million times later , realization dawns..

Love makes people do weird things.......

I stood in the overcrowded bus waiting for someone to offer me a seat. Two love birds sat on the seat in front of me coochie cooing away to glory. Suddenly the girl sneezed. Rescued her hand out of her boyfriend's clutches, wiped the snot off her face and thrust the hand back into her boyfriend's hand. I managed to stifle a laugh when realization dawned...

Love makes me (and definitely the people in love ) sick...

Surrounded by friends who cry at movies, I pride myself in the fact that I dont lose control over my emotions that easily. Bored out of my mind with nothing productive to do, I bought my first romantic novel 'PS. I love you', and cried through the whole book, when realization dawned..

Love makes my heart melt....

I listened unbelievingly when they spoke of how love made their world go round. I tutted disapprovingly, when they tried to steal secret glances at the object of their affection, wondering why they had to behave like lunatics. Then Chimpu walked into my life and realization dawned...

Love makes me go weak in my knees....

I watched as you fought with him and called him names. And I watched as you made up. I listened to you calling him Chikdipie and he calling you Chikdipoo. I watched as he called your HUGE behind small and as you called his cigarette smoke stained smile intoxicating. I watched as you laughed at his sad jokes and realization dawned....

Love makes people in love go blind but the people around them see things clearly :P

My friend called me all excited at 2 in the morning. He asked me out...he asked me out, she yelled.
Duh, when a guy calls you at 11 every night and talks to you about nothing at all till the wee hours of the morning, it is very very evident that he likes you and might ask you out. But is it worth spoiling my beauty sleep? I think not.

But yes, as a understanding and supportive friend I heard her jibber jabber for an hour before realization

Love makes me sleepy.... :P

P.S: Chimpu is a product of my imagination...just like everything else on this blog....this note is addressed to everyone who wants to know who Chimpu is...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A summery tale.....

Little Shanu was never the sporty types. Eating, reading and watching TV was all she did during her summer, Diwali and Christmas vacations. The more she lazed around, the paler and rounder she got. On the rare occasions that she ventured out, she was affectionately called Potli (bundle) by the kids in her locality. Little Shanu didn't care. She was happy being round and pale as long as she could laze around.

Shanu's mommy was worried. She never wanted a pale milky child. She craved for some hint of brown, some hint of red in Shanu's cheeks. She tried pestering Shanu to go out and play. But Shanu was a stubborn child. She refused to go out and play in the sun. Its too hot to play Ma, she wailed. Worried, her mom called Shanu's nani for help.

"Dont worry, Main hoon na" Nani smiled and presented Shanu with a bright pink cycle the next day.

The cycle was the most beautiful thing Shanu had ever laid her eyes on. It had a tiny flower basket with a Barbie doll picture. The handles had shiny festoons, while the tyres had shiny beads. Shanu was thrilled. The summer heat didn't seem to bother her anymore and she pulled her cycle out onto the road. The trainer wheels made riding the cycle easy and within no time she was zipping around the complex. Shanu started spending hours out in the sun whizzing by on her cycle. She turned a beautiful shade of brown, mommy was happy and the complex found a new cycling champion.

All good things come to an end and so did this summer vacation. As Shanu pulled her cycle out for one last spin that day, she eyed the long winding road that she didnt dare take all those days. The uphill road was extremely steep and Little Shanu was scared. But she decided to take her chance that day.

As she pedaled uphill, sweat pouring down her face, she realized why this road was never used by the other kids in the locality. The ride uphill was very tiring and the top seemed to be nowhere in sight. But ride downhill promised to be exhilarating and little Shanu pedaled on. By the time she reached the top she was completely exhausted.

The ride downhill was something she had never experienced. The steepness of the road ensured that she didnt have to pedal at all. The wind swept her hair as she swooshed down the road. She felt like a Bollywood heroine with her hair blowing gracefully behind her and the sun kissing her cheeks.The speed thrilled her and she went into a trance.

Her reverie was broken by cries of "Aaga baya sambhal..kuthe bagtes". (Watch where you are going!). By the time Shanu convinced her herself that she wasnt Aishwarya Rai, it was too late. She saw a lady carrying a pot of water standing a couple of yards away shouting herself hoarse.

Shanu panicked.

She started shouting back "Utha samorun utha" (Move aside).

The lady was in no mood to budge. Ignoring the obvious danger, she decided this was the perfect time to give Shanu cycling lessons. "Brake maar na pori" she screamed back.

Shanu drew a blank.

Brake? Pedal? Handle? Woh kya hota hai??

The lady's horrified expression was the last thing Shanu saw, before the cycle came to a screeching halt.

By lodging itself between the poor lady's legs!!

Shanu's mommy's wish of a red cheek wali daughter was finally fulfilled and it wasn't just embarrassment that caused Shanu's cheeks to turn scarlet that day ;)

Any wonder then, that Shanu doesn't cycle anymore??