Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mood :o(

Date: 20.3.2010

Status: 98 Followers


Date : 21.3.2010

Status: 99 Followers


Date: 22.3.2010

Status: 98 Followers


Date: 23.3.2010

Status: 98 Followers


Date: 24.3.2010

Status: 97 Followers


Have my recent posts been so pathetic that people have now started unfollowing me?? Was the reducing comment count, a beginning of the end??

Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi
Hume sazadi bakwaas ki, aisa kya gunha kiya
Ki number of comments gir gaye, haan gir gaye,
Saath lekar kar gaye, kuch followers bhi :o(

P.S: This is not a pathetic plea for enticing new followers. I hope this post doesn't get me sympathy followers..that would be worse than having no followers at all!!


Harini said...

aww... i so wish i could make 3 profiles and get u to 100 ;).

Dont worry, you will hit a century soon :).

NIM said...

Dudette! :P 97 followers is a lot! Are we being greedy or what!...
I clould be saying that coz my no. of followers are stuck on a mere 11!!! Talk about nainsaafi!... :|

Diwakar Sinha said...

ohh...aur woh bhi century ke itne paas jakar? mich mich...lekin piche mat murna, himmat ke saath date raho jawan...ant mein jeet tumhari hi hogi :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

Awwww... but Ill let you on a secret... The numbers aren't actually right.. They keep going up and down on their own accord! I logged on one day recently to find ZERO followers! LOL :P So chill, Im sure everyone loves your posts more than ever! :)


COMMUNI said...


Lets investigate this UNFOLLOWING the sherlock holmes isshhtyle dear...

The Idiot Blogs said...

Hazaaron khwahishein aisi
Ke har khwahish follower nikle

Bahut nikle mere followers
Par phir bhi kam nikle

Umeed pe duniya kayam hai madam... Bahut jaldi aapka followers ka number sau cross karega... Main aapke liye prarthna karoonga

blunt edges said...

as a famous man (me) once said, "sabr ka cake chocolatey hota hai" :D

Anonymous said...

awww ! Don't worry, people will come, I am your new follower waise ;)

Chhaya said...


it keeps happening to me. Some locha with the follower widget. It ping-pongs :D

Anish Patel said...

Don't know the reasons of unfollowers but I am enjoying your posts so keep writing....
and commenting.. this is my 1st comment..... to cheer you ... :) ...

moonlite:D said...

oh sad dear!!
wish your followers count reach 100 soon,,, to help you flash a bigggg smile :D

moonlite:D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
damsel in distress said...

lol!! i still remember, your blog with just one follower. you wer sad then, and failed to notice that i was following your blog as well,making the follower count to reach 2. and that was a long long time, with 98 followers!!! :-)

life gets better and better doesn't it?:-P

now take off that sad face and smile!!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Hehe..that happens a lot of times.

Some blogger bug.

97 is oh so cool :)

iceprincess said...

oye...dont tujhe follow karna bandh kare..unke mooh kaale...X(

Anonymous said...

hey great blog :D
me follow, u relax :P

Shanu said...

@ Harini

Aww..arent u the sweetest **Blows a kiss**

Thank you babe :)

Shanu said...


Yup, yup, yup Shanu is greedy :)

And 11 is supposed to be a shubh number..dnt u worry :)

Shanu said...

@ Diwakar

Jee Bhai, hum himmat ke saath date rahenge..aur uss sunhere pal ka intezaar karenge :)

Shanu said...

@ Annie

Zero followers!!

Man if that had to happen with me, i would have died of an heart attack!!

Me cant chill nemore..i keep gettin nightmares where my follower count is down to 0 :(

Shanu said...

@ Communi

Gr8 idea babe..chal shuru ho jaate hain..

**Background music**
Dhadan dhadan..dhadhan dhadhan dhadan...dha dha dhaan..dhadhan dhadan

Shanu said...

@ Idiot

Yes please Fullon Bakwaas needs your prayers :)

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Haan kya?? Wow I love chocolate cake..abhi sirf mereko sabr ko dhundhna hai and uska chocolate cake steal karna hai :)

Shanu said...

@ Pathfinder

Oh no..Sympathy followers!! Yea din dekhne se pehle maine mere blog ko private kyun nahi kar diya :(

Waise welcome to me I dont whine all the time :)

Shanu said...

@ Chhaya

Wat a stupid locha na..I hope that it doesnt affect comments as well **shudders**

Shanu said...

@ Anish

Thank you for commenting..Not sure if I have seen u here in true Shanu ishtyle..

Welcome to Fullon..Hope you enjoy your trips here :)

Shanu said...

@ Moonlite

Aww..that was such a cute comment. You did make me flash a HUUUUGE smile :D

Thank you babe :)

Shanu said...

@ Damsel

Long time, no see. I remember :)

You were one of the first few to actually follow me. Thank have no idea how much that meant to me :)

Glad to know you still read my bakwaas :)

And yes, I am smiling :)

Shanu said...

@ Sugar cube

Stupid blogger bug :(

97 is cool..100 is cooler :)

Shanu said...

@ Ice ice baby


Haan..yea thik hai..joh mujhe unfollow kare unka muah kala :P

Shanu said...

@ Shaiz

Welcome to Fullon :) Thanks for the follow.

buckingfastard said...

stuck in the nineties huh!!! maybe sachin could help u :P

COMMUNI said...

Just saw u reach 100 followers.

Case shuru hone se pehle hi katam ho gayi!!!

Thousif Raza said...

ooooooooooooo.. century... nice nice... i h am waiting... for my half century still :P.... congrats, aur thode lively posts likho yaar, we love your divine thoughts(Read: bakwaas) really..... so come back with a bang.......... :)... waiting for that :)

take care and keep writing........

NIM said...

wow! 100 followers... chalo kisiki toh iccha puri ho rahi hai...! :P
next milestone...200?
and 11? shubh no.?...lets hope it only grows.. :P

Sid said...

How come u hv 100 followers now... did u follow urself?

oRange* said...

And dude you get soooo many comments for all your posts! What more! Ha? Ha? Ha?

Pavitra .... said...

Aww.cute post..!! Look you've got 100 now! what does that mean..? :)

Shanu said...

@ BF

I guess Sachin did help me :)

Shanu said...

@ Communi

Haan yaar, maine backgrnd music arrange karaya tha..puri mehnat bekaar :P

YAY for 100 :)

Shanu said...

@ Thousif

Aapka hukum sar aankhon par :)

Shanu said...


200 is ages away..and dont u worry ur follower count is gonna swell..i can see that :)

Shanu said...

@ Sid

How mean was that comment :P


Of course, I follow myself ;)

I am the only who doesnt unfollow my blog :P

Shanu said...

@ Orange

Thank you..Yup comments are the best part of blogging :)

Shanu said...

@ Pavitra

Yay..100 :)

It means Happiness :)

Reema said...

hey u have 121 subscribers on Google Reader so dont worry :)

Urvashi said...

this ws so cute...unfollowing u.. I dint understand thou..but m definitely gonna join the list of followers..!! :) :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

haila ek toh tujhe itne followers hin phir upar se tu tension leti hain...arre tension gheo nakos bala...tuzya saathi aamhee shambar followers aankin gheon yeto...mag tu pan master blaster saarki blogger queen honar.

P.S: Marathi try kiya likhne ko...hope tujhe samajh aa gaya hoga

Sangitha :) said...

I remember being ur 99th i wished to b ur 100th.. phir socha.. chalo chodo.. 99 bi kuch kam khaas hai kya?!:D neways the number has increased to 102.. me like.. me like.. :)
U write bakwas in a manner so jhakaas that koi pagal hi tera fan nai banega shanu.. U rock gal!!:D

Anonymous said...


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Lol!!! I so totally understand. mine was a fourteen and it suddenly came down to a twelve.