Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yes, they made me smile.....

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.”
― Helen Fielding,
Bridget Jones's Diary

Yup, that is true for yours truly as well. Just when things started looking OK in one sphere of my life, the other spheres started unraveling like balls of yarn. When I called my mom yesterday, she told me to focus on the positives and leave the rest to God (Someone told me that my mom is very wise, and I concur). So, this blogpost is an attempt to list down the things that made my life bearable this week...

What follows next is a list of totally boring,random on at your own risk.....

  • One of the guys from my team won a bet that he placed on a dog race. Yup, you heard it right. Dog race. Dog races are quite a popular weekend pastime here. Honestly, it isn't something I fancy going to. So last week Dean walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to bet as well. He told me that he was planning to bet on a dog called 'Colourful Mark'. Now, Colourful Mark was a new entrant and had really high odds stacked up against him. The favorite for the game was Speedy J, who seemed to the favorite in my team as well. Inspite of everyone in the team asking him not to bet on Colourful Mark (CM), Dean stuck to his guns and did not change his bet. On Monday, he told me that CM had won, with a told you so look. 'How', I asked him, 'did you know that CM would win?'. 'His name' he smiled cheekily and said 'Colourful Mark sounds gay, doesnt it? I figured that rest of the dogs would rather have a gay dog in front of them then behind them'. It took me some time to understand what he meant, but when I did, I couldn't really argue with his logic :D :D

  • I had to get my visa copied and sent to the HR team for some formalities this week. My senior manager checked my date of birth on the passport and said, 'Whoa, you are quite young, aren't you?' He then turned to my manager who was seated behind him and said, 'She is quite a youngster, isnt she?' To which my manager replied, 'Yup, she is my little dynamite' Needless to say, I left with a smile that remained on my face the whole day. :D

  • My friend N  was blessed with a baby boy last week. Although its been close to 3 years that we haven't spoken to each other, this news made me smile. She is quite older to me and has been trying for a baby for a few years now. We stopped speaking sometime in 2009, which arguably was one of the worst years of my life. I lost more friends that year, than in all my life combined. Although, there is no way we could ever patch up, the fact that she now has something she so dearly wanted, made me feel really happy for her.

  • My sweet blogger friend Sangitha got a promotion that she totally deserved and another thing that has been bothering her for quite a while, is getting resolved as well. Me cant wait to meet you here in London, Sangi baby.

  • Yummy cupcakes that S brought at work. He gave me 2 more than everyone else, coz he knows that I have a major sweet tooth.

  • Being asked by one of my team members to sign as a witness in her property documents, as she needed someone responsible to sign the documents for her. Hearing my name and responsible in the same sentence made me :D :D
  • Being told by K that I can't write to save my life, after reading my latest blogpost. Agreed, the stuff that I churn out on Fullon can in no way be called writing, but for someone who does not have any book writing aspirations, this level of writing will have to do. Hai na?
That's all for this week, folks. I hope things settle down and I am able to breathe freely again. Till then, I have my lists to keep me company :D :D


Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Aww thats so cute Shanu!

About your friend N. I had such a friend S, with whom I had a major argument which extended to hurting each other ruthlessly and we stopped speaking in 2009. In February this year, I added her, totally from my gut feeling and put up a message saying that I am not thinking abt that fight friends? She accepted my friend request, we ended up chatting and shedding tears for the years wasted on ego and fuss. I really thought wed never never ever patch up because the fight was a nasty one.

So, getting some clues? Nothing is impossible ! Go get that N !

Priya Joyce said...

Li'l dynamite :p tat waz gud :p
wana meet mr S who brings cupcakes at wrk :D

Chitz said...

a cute post shanu:)

PeeVee™ said...

Dog race?! Really? Damn the world is strange :P

And listen to Anita, she has it right:)

COMMUNI said...

seeing you back in action is such a lovely thing u dear

n who the hell told ur's is not a good writing...lemme see him..i'll kick his ass

COMMUNI said...

seeing you back in action is such a lovely thing u dear

n who the hell told ur's is not a good writing...lemme see him..i'll kick his ass

Shanu said...

@Anita: Its not that simple re. She created a rift between my best frnd and her husband. She backstabbed me and tried to malign me at work. She backstabbed another member of my grp and tried to create a rift between us and her.This is not about one fight. It is about a fight and me forgiving her and she backstabbing me. Thrice. No. There is no way we can be friends agn. My back is filled with dagger wounds ;)

Shanu said...

@Priya Joyce: It was S's bday that day and the cupcakes were to die for :D

@Chitz: Thankies :)

@Peevee: Yup, she is right but some things in life are not so simple, my frnd :)

@Communi; Awww..thank u u too. Will show u who said it. She deftly deserves a kick :)

Anonymous said...

Dont remember how and when I bumped into your blog ..had read all your posts at one go..needless to say I had bookmarked you.

After the chicken soup wala post, I was waiting, waiting and waiting

Used to visit this blog once a month atleast...phir I totally forgot

Today, when I was browsing through my bookmarks list, I thought chalo naya nahi, purane bakwaas hi padh lete hai

And what do I find? You were back a couple of months ago.... :)

So so so glad to see you back here...

P.S Kindly excuse if this comment is in no way related to this post ;)


Shanu said...

@Visha: Thank you for your sweet comment sweethrt. This goes right into 'the things that made my day' list :)

blunt edges said...

I thought you said the list was gonna be boring!! On the contrary, it turned out to be a warm and sweet list :)

And the Colourful Mark logic was funny ;)

Did Sangitha read the post yet? Am sure she would be glad to see her name here :)

Shanu said...

@Jaanu: Thankies :) U toh never think nethin I say is boring...isiliye toh u are my besssssttt frnd :P

No re, me no thinks Sangi has read this..I shall msg her tonite :D

Sangitha said...

Bluntyaa is right..seeing my name in ur blogpost definitely made me smile shanuuuuu.. see..*shows off her braces wala smile*.. :D though i am not too sure about the London thing but apun aamchi mumbai me zaroor milega meri jaan.. ;) n i was the reason for ur smile..awwww.. u r sucha sweetheart shanu.. love u.. :-*
n its not the level of writing that matters..wat matters is the way it touches someone's heart..n be it comedy, tragedy or ur super awesome 'romantic' poems..i have loved each n every post of urs.. :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Good to have you back in action.
Err.. dog races? Aren't those illegal ;-) The logic was unquestionable ;-)
PS: How have u been?