Thursday, July 2, 2009

Based on a True Story (1)

***This is the first in a series of posts based on real life incidents that I intent to publish. Not sure if there will be any more though....I have always been better at fiction..or so I think :P***

Me: Mom,please khana khilao na..Im feeling bored to eat.

Mom: Shut up and eat. Itni badi ho gayi hai aur khana maine khilaneka?

Me: Please mom.

Mom:Shanu, eat ur khana or you are grounded.

Caw, caw caw (that isn’t me..its a crow at the window sill)

Mom: Aare beta, tu jaldi aa gaya aaj. Tere liye toh maine abhi tak roti bhi nahi banayi!

Me: Mom, please feed me na...I am feeling bored.

Mom: Shut up Shanu. I have to go feed the crow!!

Me: (Turning green wit envy) Kya faltoogiri hai....You can feed the crow but you cant feed me!

Mom: Thatz it...One more word from you young lady and you are grounded.

Me: Sulking Ohhkkkk. Eww bhindi (lady fingers) ki sabzi...I hate it. Mom please make something else for me na.

Mom: Thats it. Off to your room with your plate.

Me: Hmmpppttt!!

After sulking in my room for half an hour..I decide to take revenge. The crow will pay for depriving me of my mother’s love.

Me:Splashing the crow with water Fly away you stupid bird.

Crow: Caw caw caw Your mom loves me more than you!

Me: Shut up you stupid bird. My mom doesn’t love you!

Crow: Of course she does. You wanna bet?

Me: Of course

Crow: I heard you telling your mom you don’t like the vegetable she has made. Did she make a new one for you?

Me: Of course not. She doesn’t have the time for making a new sabzi.

Crow: Thats what you think! Watch and learn from the expert.

Mom enters with roti and sabzi for the crow.

Mom: Take

Crow: Caw caw caw caw (Translation : No I wont)

Mom:Kya hua, you don’t like the sabzi?

Crow: Caw (Translation : No)

Mom: Should I make something else for you? Allo ki sabzi khayega?

Crow: Caw caw (Translation : Yes please)

Mom: Okie..Ill make some for you!

Me: Mom!!

Crow: Cee cee cee (Translation : Hee hee hee)

And there it was official..My mom loves the crow more than she loves me.


ANWESA said...

lol :)


Anonymous said...

u have got amazing streak of humor shanu. keep it up!!

Sowmi said...

hehe..... shanu u are rawwwwking :D

I loved it... and your mom loves the crow than you hehehe... sooper!!

Crimson Feet said...


Aw.S.M said...

Based on a true story??!! really??!! u mean to tell me this actually happened!! loves the crow more..HAW HAW..oh actually CAW CAW..:P..

Yaar the crow can fly, doesnt bug mom with college tuition fees, doesnt need new clothes etc etc..obv mom d like it more na :P

How can u blame mom :p


Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Felt like I was watching some cartoon!!

blunt edges said...

awesome stuff shanu...n wats wid d crow connection? its d 2nd post on d "caw caw" family!

seeee...even crows dont like bhindi...i dont get dis...who on earth actually likes bhindi???
next time wen i argue wid mom abt bhindi...dis is gonna be my defence!

awww...ur mom luves d crow more dan u...maybe she even luvs d bhindi more dan u!!! cee cee cee :P

eye-in-sty-in said...


krow beat you to the food???????

shame on you ;-)

DPhatsez said...

Sach bolne par bhi kauwe ne kaata?!
Emossanal Atyachaar! :)

Mummy ji ki jai ho!

KludgeMaker said...

Shanu,I Like your writing style..Keep it up

As the Mind Meanders said...

DO you need any help with the crow... I specialize in kidnapping birds... we can even demand a ransom from your mom... think...

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

oye mere saath yehi hotha mom serves food 2 d crow b4 serving me :(

Anonymous said...

LOL... Mast :)

Have a great weekend :)

Meghana Naidu said...

What made this post kickass for me was the picture in the end
*total snort worthy stuff*

Anonymous said...

lol :)

and for you previous post... you touched the height of hilariosity...


take care

Jyoti said...

awwhhh.. I feel badd for youu!

And, this is a true story? Aha? Aha? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Duh, had you kept a grey parrot as a pet, It would have spoken in clear English / Hindi / Marathi / Bhojpuri and wouldn't have caw cawed its head off. :)

Wishing you all the best for the Indiblogger Award :)

Parikshith Kumar said...

Ha ha ha ha... so sweet :-)

Insulting the poor crow on blogosphere? Now be a good girl aur Kauuva Rani ko sorry bolo :-)

Cee cee cee :-)

iceprincess said...

u have a thing with crows right?
even my mom does..she feels nostalgic when she spots a crow lazing on a treebranch on a sunny afternoon..
i am jealous of crows..taking away our mom's love..

Lakshmi said...

Wats with U and crows??? Second post I m seeing here... anyways coool one... Poor Shanu...I think it wud b better if u try to get the crow on ur side...(Be in its gud books)Good Luck!!!

Shanu said...

@ Anwesa


Shanu said...

@ Sam

Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Sowmi

Haan yaar,kya karun main..the crow gets all the importance :(

Shanu said...

@ Crimson


Shanu said...


Kya yaar abhi tu bhi crow ka side lega kya? And seriously this did happen..and tabhi maine mom ko bola im gonna blog abt this discrimination..she didnt blv me though :P

Shanu said...

@ Kiran

yeh cartoon nahi meri life story hai :P

Shanu said...


What kind of a friend are you? Main apni sad story share kar rahi hai and tu mera mazak udda raha hai..and comparing me to a bhindi :(

Shanu said...

@ Eye-in-sty-in


Shanu said...

@ Dphat

Yeah..mommy ki jai ho!

Shanu said...


Thank you

Shanu said...

@ Mind

Hmm..I feel greatly tempted to take up this offer. Let me know the details..I am all for it!

Shanu said...

@ Gayathri

I feel ur pain dost..i feel ur pain!

Shanu said...

@ Kido

Thank you ji

Shanu said...

@ Meghana

Glad you liked it :)

Shanu said...

@ Issh

Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Jyoti

Haan yaar sachi wala story hai :(

Shanu said...


Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Iceprincess

I kno wat u mean...Kno wat..u gayathri and I should get together and do something about this...teach the crowns a lesson for depriving us of our mothers love

Shanu said...

@ Parikshith

:o( The kauwa should say sorry to me first :o(

Shanu said...

@Lakshmi come i didnt think of that! I guess its worth a shot :)

Mayz said...

LOL!! i kno i shudnt b laffn at ur deprived love but i am...sorry :P

Anonymous said...

Hey .. you try something like that new Big Bubble ad ooooor find Doob Doob :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

That was very, very funny.. indeed! Enjoyed reading it...

Shanu said...

@ Mayz


Shanu said...

@ curdrice

Bas abhi yehi karna reh gaya hai yaar!

Shanu said...

@ Roshmi

Glad u did :)

Anonymous said...

Lolzz...Don't tell me this actually happened! It was hilarious:)
Crow liking aaloo ki sabji...ROFL

gkam said...

Cee Cee Cee :P (to crow, not u)

Hey, thnx 4 dropping by my blog!
Yep, I am a Kamath, Gauri Kamath (Bond ishtyle! ;))

yup, i am a GSB too!

Kaila maamma ka 1st preference veh?

very funny post! :)

Shanu said...

@ Choco

Sachi muchi it did...no1 blvs me :(

Shanu said...

@ gkam

welcome to my blog..glad u liked it!

Still thinking said...


Wanna plan to give out a supari of that crow? I can help. Honest :p

Shanu said...

@ Still Thinking

Sure why not..nethin to win back my mom's love :P

bondgal_rulz said...

Cawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (Translation : Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!)

Poor you. :P

Lol. Cute post. :)


Prakhar said...

hahahahhahaha.....simply brilliant!!

Caw Caw :P

neeraj_only said...

Nicely done , hats off to dear crow , kha lene do yar.

Aise ur exp lacks empirical authencity . Sample space chota hai :p

ItAteMyBrain said...

Made me smile :)

Shanu said...

@ Bondgal

Thanks :)

Shanu said...

@ Prakhar

Thanks :)

Welcome to my blog..keep droppin by

Shanu said...

@ Neeraj

Nahi re...sample size bahut bada hai..sab likhegi th yeh blog kam padh jayega :(

Shanu said...

@ Itatemybrain

I am glad it did :)

Tensor said...

Lol. It was cute :)