Sunday, December 20, 2009

Award ko Award hi rehne do koi naam na do......

May 2009

Its my first month in Bloggerville. Every blog I go, I find infested with the Honest Blogger award. Being a newbie, I look at all those who get this award with envy and admiration (99% envy and 1% admiration). The award needed one to write 20 secrets about themselves. Hopeful, I started hording 20 secrets to unleash on the world but unfortunately, I never got this award and Bloggerville was spared the torture.

Cut to Dec 2009

One of my first friends on Blogger, golu molu Bluntu gives me a Nameless Award.....Given our history and the kind of comments I leave on his blog..I was kinda expecting the Shameless Award..but main khush hoon.. Nameless ho ya Shameless, award toh award hota hai boss :) and plus it carries with it a directive to write 7 secrets about yourself. For someone who has had 20 secrets ready to be spilled for ages now, choosing only 7 is very very difficult.

Lekin yeah kya? My dushman and competitor (she stole ATMM away from me and now is behind my Bluntu ) decides to award me too. Which is super duper awesome because I now get to write 14 secrets about myself...I am just hoping that some1 else tags me before I post this phir mere 2o ke 20 points aa jaayenge and I shall include 1 additional point for good luck ;)

Toh yeah lo..karlo sach ka samna :P

1) I wasnt very keen to protect my anon status. Infact, most of the bloggers who I befriended in the initial days know my real name. I honestly never thought of it as a big deal. But talking to 2 of my closest friends in Bloggerville, both anon bloggers, has made me conscious of my anon status. And no, I still don't know what their real name is, while they know everything about me. Do I regret it? Sometimes yes. But most of times No, because they are the reason why I have stuck to blogging for so long. Nahi toh main kab ki bore ho gayi hoti.

2)I am scared of lifts. I prefer taking the stairs than being enclosed in that box and trust it to take me to the right floor. On days that I have to take the lift alone, I loudly chant prayers all the way up, to ward off any ghosts that might choose to sneak up on me. But on most days I prefer taking the stairs to and from my 7 th floor apartment. Ya, I am scared of ghosts too.

3)I am also scared of babies. Wanna know why? Read this.

4)I absolutely hate surprise parties. All my friends know it. And they dare not throw a surprise party for me. Ever.

5)I am allergic to sea water. I cannot survive a trip to the beach without developing a red rash. And yet, I take long walks on the beach and want to own a sea facing home some day. Its my way of telling my stupid sensitive skin..I am the one in charge :P

6)Blessed wit the gift of gab, I can talk anyone into anything and make it seem like it was their idea in the first place. :p

7)I wanted dimples all my life. Infact, I tried pushing holes in my cheeks with pencils when younger. I would sit in front of the mirror for hours, push 2 pencils into my cheeks and smile hoping that my face will learn to stay that way.

8) I hate dressing up. No matter what the occasion I land up there in my jeans and Tshirt. My mom has now taken up the responsibility of getting me to dress like a girl. I wish her luck ;)

9) I am extremely clumsy. I keep tripping over my own feet. On the rare days that I wear a salwar, I trip over the dupatta. If I hit Sid and try to run away, chances are I will bang into the door and fall down, and he wouldn't have to lift a finger. The rail station, the playground, my office, the doctor's clinic, the library....there isnt a place where I haven't fallen and left my mark.

10)I have 3 wishes ready just in case a genie pops up and says to me "Your wish is my command". Bas ab genie milne ki der hai.

I know I have 4 more secrets to unleash. But after editing and re-editing, I have reached the conclusion that Bloggerville is better off not knowing them. Secondly, I am feeling lazy :P

Now the best part, passing on the award. I know most of the bloggers I wanted to pass it on to have already been tagged. But I will still tag/award them because I am stubborn :P

I tag/award:

Ashley: Meri Dost aur meri Dushman

Mindey: Some1 who is very capable of doing tags in comment boxes

Bluntu: Mera Pyaar..Shalimar

Riddhi: Some one who can blabber without any rhyme or reason

Meow: One of my first blogger friends

Spikey: Want to wake him up from the blogging slumber

G3: Meri gavwali

Ice ice baby: The queen of all randomness :)

Tarun: Never seen him do a tag before

Dhanya: Love the way she writes, Simple and sweet

Orange: I can identify with most of her posts

And anyone and everyone who wants to take up this tag/award..Enjoy :)


Riddhiculuos said...

"Riddhi: Some one who can blabber without any rhyme or reason"

heheheh.. Thank you.. and yayyyyy I am the first one i suppose.. i want to post this comment before some one takes away my first status.. so good post.. i will detail mein analyse after being first ok.. atleast kahin toh first aaun...

Riddhiculuos said...

1.Hmm interesting secret.. pehle batati toh mein riddhiculous nahi rehti kuch alag sochti.. kya late advise shanu..

2. i am not exactly scared..but actually they dont make me feel too comfortable. i can add escalators to this same feel.. so i prefer stairs anyday..stay fit :)

3.scared of babies.. neah as i told blunty i love babies ..but babies hate me.. they seem to like me.. they dont respect em at allll.. like they will beat me and treat me like their own age..rather khud se chhota

4. hahaha most surprises end up revealing them selves before time..and i am good at acting surprised.. ohh u were planning this.. I never knew.. (andar hi andar i am so happy saying gadhey :P)

5. hmm samandar mein naha ke.. hehehe

6.How can you even write it here as a secret.. i thought this was like a known fact about all of us here.. i mean - Ashley/ bluntu/u/ me.. like this is not allowed ..cheating hai ye..disqualified secret..

7.hehehhehhehe (the decil's grin) I have dimpless.. hehehahahahhehehahhhahehhehaha

8.hmm okk gooooood secret.. aap toh aise hi bahut sundar dikhte ho..

9.Shit.. this is like me talking there from you awaz... it is the smae.. I have a nick name- "fallen woman" giri hui ladki. because i m soooo clumsy and fall everywhere on the earth or i gues i am so talented that Sky is the limit.. come join the club :)

10.Oye hoye.. Kya hukum hai meri aaaki :)

and as u say i have so much vella time.. not actually i have exams... so, i will do this tag business after exams.. tab tak all that comes form my literary studies u guys jhelofy.. vaise i think i wil be out of secrets..heheh :)

blunt edges said...

Bluntu: Mera Pyaar..Shalimar

how sweet shanu...thanku thanku :D

n why isn't my name first??? i put yours first na!!! :¦

coming back 2 business...
1. i still dunno your real name...n i like it that way...its kinda fun being friends with people u dunno at all! isn't this the best part of blgging?

2. hahaha...really? i saw 'the shrink is in' the other day...n this reminds me of courtney cox in that!

3. i agree...babies are scary!

4. why? Why? WHY???

5. hope your skin listens 2 u before your entire skin turns red n there wouldn't be any skin 4 u 2 boss on!

6. alle wah...u should be in marketing!

7. that's cute :D

8. ahhh...the eternal tomboy!

9. heil sid!

10. i have a 100 wishes ready 4 the pass him onto me once u are done with your 3...ok?

phew...i almost wrote a post does my name become first? :P

Diwakar Sinha said...

You have a realy nice blog...not my frist time here..but i accidently bumped up again...wudnt lose it the second time..

Tensor said...

Is this Tarun me :O ?

iceprincess said...

i loved 7!!!!
and why dint u tag me?u dont likeme anymore?waaaaaa!!!i know i know..u dont like babies...
neways...cute and usual...

numerounity said...

Know fullon bakwaas 7 times better! Ting tong! :)

shruti said...

so the nameless award goes on.... i guess, that's a pretty good name in itself!!!! great post!!!
1. its good to keep somethings secret but that starts bugging me after sometime.
2. scared of lifts??? that makes sense. i am too.
3.scared of babies??? i cant imagine!!!!
4. i have always had my wish list for him ready. so after u, and blunty, its my turn!!!
5. trip a lot??? hahaha yeah, main bhi ek time thi aisi, thankfully ab nahi hun!!
6. you have a rathre painful wy of telling whose the boss!!
7. tees and jeans are goos, yaar. all time wear!! go gal!
8. yaar, even i wanted dimples all my life, though pencils tak baat kabhi pauhanchi nahi!!yeah, but i argued once with my sisters that i did have dimples and she said i didnt. well, i dont, but stil, it was worth a try!! :P
main baki ke secrets bhool gayi.. :(
aur waise bhi, bahut lamba comment ho gaya tha!!! great job!!!

Ashley said...

First and foremost a tag well done and some very cute secrets have been spilled...
**Me thinks Bluntu is having a cute influence on you** ;)

I absolutely love ur blog. So I already know of Points 2, 3, 8 and 9! :)

Secondly: Main tumhari dushman, dost and competitor??? Not bad eh? :D

Thirdly: ATMM has been stolen!!?!! By me??? :o
**Goes to check in the cupboards and behind the doors**.....
Bingo! Found him....
Thanks yaa...Tu nahin batati toh mujhe kabhi pata nahin chalta...
Such a nice "DDC" you are. *Sniff Sniff Wail* :')

The Idiot Blogs said...


You sound cute... very cute...

are you :-)

No... dont answer... I know you are :-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

I feel like I now know you so much more :-)

Dhanya said...

I write in a simple and sweet way ? *Blushes so much that she doesn't know where to hide*

Arrey! I am clumsy too :D I think I get that trait from my mom. We keep falling whenever we get the chance. :P :D

Dhanya said...

Thanks so much for the award :D

Shanu said...

@ Riddhi

YAY..U First u first!

1) Thanks. Lekin tu riddhiculous hi achi hai..the name suits u well..riddhi the ridiculous!
2)Abslty..yehi hai meri figure ka raaz
3)HAHAHHA...Bacche intelligent hote hai..apne se kam intelligent logon ko woh jhat se pehchan lete hain :P
5)Isshhhh...chedho nahi ;)
6)Oye..tereko 10 secrets diye hain na..ek disqualify hua toh kya hua..choose frm the remaining 9 then
7)Show off :P
9)LOL..Giri hui ladki :P
10)Ohh meri genie :)

Oye..exams hain aur tp kar rahi hai? Gandi bacchi..chalo karo.

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Jaan, tera naam post main frst nahi toh kya hua...meri life main toh tera naam frst aata hai na **blushes**

1)U dunno my name? Kya baat kar raha hai..I kno urz and I kno where u wrk.Heheheheh..mere jasoos charo aur phele hue hain..hahahahahah
2)Me = Miss Cox...Awww I like her so much :)
3)Yup they are
4)lol, Lol, LOL
5)yea skin nahi toh new skin aayegi..lekin meri bossgiri nahi jaayegi..hum hum hain..baki sab pani kam hai!
6)**Blushes** I am in marketing ;)
7)Thank u :)
8)Yup thtz me
9)Traitor :P
10)LOL..No wayz!

Nopes ur name is still secnd mere jaanu :P

Shanu said...


Thanks. Welcome agn then :)

Shanu said...

@ Tensor

Umm..aur koi Tarun hai kya yahan? Nahi toh tu hi hoga :P

Shanu said...

@Ice ice baby

Arre kaun bol raha hai ki tereko tag nahi kiya..jaara thik se toh dekh..tera naam toh hai :)

Shanu said...

@ Numerounity


Shanu said...

@ Shruti

1)I agree
2)Wow..i aint the only one here then!
3)Lol..yup Im one of a kind!
4)Sure sure..why not
5)I hope i grw out of it too
6)Ya ;)
7)Yo baby!
8)LOL..Try the wrks ;)

Thnks ;)

Shanu said...

@ Ashley

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wat do u mean cute influence? U mean I wasnt cute bfr this :(

U do??? Kaise kaise kaise?

Haan tu meri DDC hai!

And yes u stole my Mindey away from me..u u u mindey chor! Yehi tera prb hai..tu logon ko chura leti hai aur tereko pata bhi nahi chalta!


Shanu said...

@ Idiot

Tu idiot hai re..!!

Shanu said...

@ Spikey

You do?? Oh no..where do i hide now??

Shanu said...

@ Dhanya

Of course,I mean it :)

Wow, u , ur mom and makes 3 of us then :)

And ur welcome babes :)

Shanu said...

@ Bluntu

Aare yeah kya..tera name toh 3rd hai! Yeh kaise ho gaya :P

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

wah shanu...main teri gaonwali...sunke mujhe bahut accha lagaa...thanks...aur tum eevators nahi leti? amazing u r JLT

NIM said...

very honest of u to actually think of so many secrets :P

3)I don't get y babies give people the creeps?
4)Parties in any form r good... :P
6)Gab is something that needs me to make efforts...
8)I hate dressing up for special occasions too!!! especially weddings... Now my best friend wants me to wear a Saari for her bro's wedding next year and i'm already feeling uneasy!

Well done tag.. :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

okay.. leave the 10 secrets aside.. let us talk about the other 4 ;) if you were just lazy to write them than I am not interested.. but otherwise..hmmmm :D

and BTW, whatever happened to the speech which we usually see in award ceremonies.. thanks to keyboard, monitor, fingers, family, friends and in your case of course auto valahs.. :P

Scattered Thoughts... said...

oops.. typo "than" should be "then" :)

The Survivor said...

Congrats on the award.

Made a good read.

oRange* said...

oyee! i just saw this! thank you so much :)
feels great to hear this from you!

and wait, no one can get clumsier than me :S

Ashley said...


Q)U do???Kaise kaise kaise?
A)You silly..You have mentioned those pnts in ur posts...some time or the other..Waise waise waise.

Mindey???Mindey Chor??? Logon ko churana???
I don't understand gal...Yeh Mindey kaun hain????
I was talking about "ATMM": My little puppy dog that you helped me find, the day I commented...Thanku! :)

And u stay away from him...You doggie hater...He is the apple, orange and papita of my eyes! :p

Shanu said...


Yea JLT JLT kya hai yea JLT JLT?

Shanu said...


Oh man! Sari? All the best :)

Shanu said...

@ ST

LOL...U are the intelligent one arent u? Baaki ke 4 secrets chahiye? Kal 4 baje borbunder ke paas kali mata ke mandir par milna...sab batadegi :P

And the awrd accptnce speech? Woh bhi kal hi dedegi :)

Shanu said...

@ ST

Jaa tera typo maaf kiya :P

Shanu said...

@ Survivor

Thanks :)

Shanu said...

@ Orange

Lol..u are welcome sweetu. :)

Shanu said...

@ Ashley

Doggie ka naam ATMM?? Bechara doggie..woh bhi kahin intense bankar baitha hoga itna intense name sunkar!

eye-in-sty-in said...

ok.. I'm back from the slumber... First of all, thank you Shanu for reminding me about this tag.... What would I do without wonderful friends like you :-) and here are the seven secrets about me...
1) I envy dancers and people with good sense of balance... I cannot dance for nuts.
2) I like being a wanderer and my sense of direction helps me out with that.
3) I like dogs more than cats.. ok scratch that - I love dogs as much as I hate cats.
4) I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste.
5) I strongly feel that morning should start no earlier than 10 am.
7) I lose track of numbers if I have to count beyond the number of fingers in my hand.

Sid said...

if u dont reveal the next 10, i promise to reveal ur embarrassing 20 in d comments :|

Shanu said...

@ Spikey

Yeah kya hai..tag apne blog par karna tha..mere comment box main nahi!

Shanu said...

@ Sid

Fine, i will reveal YOUR secrets in my next post!