Monday, June 8, 2009

Ek Toothy Si Love Story!!

Princess Jaijaishubhlaxmi (Lets call her P.J shall we...the name is too long) was ecstatic. She was to marry Prince Ishwar Jaykumar Unnikrishnan (PIJU for short...watz with all these south Indian names!!) in 3 weeks. The palace was being cleaned and preparations were on in full swing..and why was the first wedding the palace was witnessing in 25 years.


Princess Jaijaishubhlaxmi's beauty was talked about in all kingdoms far and wide. Legend has it that her smile could light a thousand lamps (much like the HappydentWhite ads ) Many valiant princes had tried to win her hand but in vain. P.J didn’t feel the connection with any one.

One fine summer afternoon P.J was strolling in the royal gardens with her friends FM, RF and HS. These girls were courtiers in His Majesty's court. They were best friends and shared everything. They would meet by the lake during smoke breaks ( F, R and S who weren’t born to privilege like PJ worked during the day and partied during the nite. PJ on the other hand spent her days rejecting guys and her nites partying with her gal gang) and talk about the latest suitor to bite the dirt. But today something was different.

P.J seemed quite impressed with the latest suitor who had come her way. They had exchanged a few P-mails and she seemed quite smitten by him.

PJ: I think PIJU is the one (giggles)

S: But you haven’t even met him, how could you be so sure?

F: (staring at his oil painting) Ohh hez soo cute...!!

R: Ohh I dunno..I dont really like his pose..I mean which guy would wanna pose like that for a pic?

PJ: Ohh cmon you guys...hez cute...hez intelligent....He lives in UK (Uttar Karnataka).. You know how much I love UK!!

And right then the girls knew....PIJU was gonna become their Jiju.

At the palace (Flashpresent):

The preparations were on in full swing. PJs lustrous hair was being oiled and combed. Bottles of Livon (a gift from the British) were being emptied to ensure not one hair was out of place. PJ looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased. She had never looked so gorgeous..... PIJUs love was surely making her glow. She smiled at that thought. Par yeah kya...???? Only 900 lamps lit up!!

PJ: Ohh no Mom, my smile doesn’t have that Jadoo anymore :(

Maharani Mom (MaM): Ohh no..we will now have to manually light those 100 lamps. Do you have any idea how expensive kerosene is now a days??

Maharaja Dad (MaD): Aare bacche koi nahi...don’t u worry!!

Lets get your teeth cleaned. I know a really great daanth-vaidh (dentist). He will get your teeth shining in no time.

At the Daanth-Vaidh's clinic :

PJ: Ohh please!! Ohh please!! get my teeth all shining again.

Daanth-Vaidh: Of course your majesty.

PJ: Aaaaachhhhoooooo!!

Daanth-Vaidh: OHH NOOOO!!

Back at the palace (Still flashing present):

MaM: Ohh no PJ...what happened to your tooth. Your mouth looks like the gateway to our kingdom!!

PJ: What do I do now....I cant believe PIJU will see me like this.

MaM: Aaare beta its ok....PIJU has 3 extra teeth and U have 1 less. Balance out ho jaaayega!!

MaD:Beta let this be a test of PIJU's love for you. Dekhte hain who he loves more...You or your tooth.

R:I think u still look good....Trust me 968.75 lamps are more than enough to light up any palace

F:ROFLHAO...You look soo funny!

S: IDEA !!!

Flash Foward:Wedding Day

S,R and F come running in...Baraat aa gayi, Baraat aa gayi (giggles)

PJ smiles shyly at PIJU and PIJU is smitten all over again.

PJ gets married and becomes PJIJU (Princess Jaijaishubhlaxmi Ishwar Jaykumar Unnikrishnan) and they live happily ever after.

P.S:I know the questions on your mind "What about her lost tooth ?" "What brilliant idea did S come up with?"

Well its turned out PIJU did love PJ more than her tooth…so he happily donated one of his own....This ladies and gentlemen was the first and only tooth transplant in the history of mankind!!

Truly a (tooth) fairytale

PS:All pictures used are copyrighted by Disney and their respective owners. I do not own them. If this infringes any copyright laws please let me know and the pics will come down asap.


Sowmi said...

Shanu... awesome fairy tale and I laughed through out the post... Love your blog :) I enjoyed ... FULLON BAKWAAS hehehe

Anonymous said...

just sperb !!! loved the cute madness here ;)

Diya said...

Awesome! The old courtly aura prevails, seems rather more like a terminology to Gulliver`s travels where serious issues were explored on a comical note, well done! :)
Fullon bakwaas puts the bakwaas well again, lol :P
Cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!! I really really enjoyed this.. For I think from time to time I guest lost in Disney and Their princesses ever since I was a child..

This was a great romantic story! I LOVE THIS!!

I hope mine is willing to give me a tooth!

Thanks for dropping by I was not disappointed at all reading this blog and I WILL be back!!


Meghana Naidu said...

Fullon bakwass INDEED. ROFL ROFL

Dhanya said...

LOL!!!!! I was really laughing out super loud while reading this. One of the best stories I have read recently ;) Awesome!

Hemanth Potluri said...

it was awesome story u have given here one of the best way u narrated it :) was funny in its way and simply superb :)..


Simply Ridiculous said...

That was really cute!! And really funny!!

damsel in distress said...

My MY..that was one really cool love story..funny, my new post is similiar to this one..I can seriously use your comment over there..
Loved this one,really..cute pictures and really funny stuff..had me laughing. Allow me to ROTFL..

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

wow...hahahaha...daath kaa donation...first of it's kind. Itna touching story maine kabhi nahi sunaa...solid tha!

BTW wedding card mein dono kaa naam fit ho gaya????

blunt edges said...

rofl...dat was wonderful..."p-mail" ha? had 2 check out d link 2 find wat dat was...humorous till d end ***applause***
n d best part was PJ, PIJU n PJIJU...keep up d gud work lady...u sure got a phunny bone :D

Shanu said...

@ Sowmi

Glad u njoyed it :)

@ Pretty Me

Thank u :)

Shanu said...

@ Diya

Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Nehya

If only every guy was as selfless as PIJU ***wipes tears away***

Glad u liked it..keep dropping by!!

Shanu said...

@ Meghana

Thanks :)

@ Dhanya

Thanks :)

Shanu said...

@ Hemanth

Glad u liked it..Keep dropping by :)

Shanu said...

@ Simply

Thank u :)

Shanu said...

@ Damsel

Glad u liked it :)

Went to ur blog to chk ur post..but guess wat..i have already commented on it yesterday...but saw that u have changed the blog template toh phirse comment kar diya ;)

And ya..u can ROFL...I love that :)

Shanu said...

@ Gayathri

Special card banaya hai dono ke liye..bcoz in true raja maharaja has not only the names of the var vadhu but also thr mom n dad's

If bacchon ka naam itna bada hai..toh soch mom dad ka naam kaisa hoga :P

Shanu said...

@ Blunt edges

Thank u ..thank u..thank u!!

Btw maza nahi aata tere aise comments par....thoda pakkau types ho gaya hai tu :P

iceprincess said...

how sweet?
i wish my guy donates his credit cards to me in d same way....

Anonymous said...

And right then the girls knew....PIJU was gonna become their Jiju....ROFL

this was gr8

waiting for more of such funny posts :)

take care

Anonymous said...

and m sorry for commenting a bit late

blunt edges said...

omg! bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha...i make an effort n say some gud words n dis is wat i get?!?!?!
agli baar se dekh kaise phaad ke rakhta hu!!! ***evil luk as if i hv some great plan in mind but actually hvnt thot of anythin yet***

Shanu said...


We all do babe, we all do :)

Shanu said...

@ Isshita

Its ok dear...u commentin is more than enuff :)

Shanu said...

@ BE

Sachai toh chubhegi na..but cant help it..tu pakkau hai toh hai :P

Suresh Kumar said...

Its been quite some time I had read a nice fairy tale.... Superb! Really enjoyed it...

riddhi said...

PJIJU.. hahhhahahaha.. U r super lady.. I lauuu thiss..
Is kahani ko hum "daant" dete hein.. i love your bakwas. and while reading old posts by the way- I am equally directionally dyslexic and love rickshaw walas to the core. I cant go to the neghbourhood market with full confidence bcoz chances are i will smehow manage to lose track.. :) I am glad I am not the only one..

KludgeMaker said...

Why is that PJ uses Livon..?.Why not Wipro Shikakai and Keo Karpin.When did Britishers gifted her with bottles of Livon...?.A truly flummoxing toothy fairy tale indeed...:)

ApocalypsE said...

that was brilliant...

MaM and Mad... you really have something parents and soth Indians, dont ya? LOL :D

hilarious post...

BrownPhantom said...

Fullon Bakwaas , but with a lot of mettle in it. Thanks for enlightning about the history of Tooth-Transplant; But for PJ & PIJU, mankind never would have known the art.

Hilarious and Cute :).

BrownPhantom said...

One more thing. Following you :).

DPhatsez said...

I lou the Disney pics(Beauty and the beast & Aladdin)
I lou the isshtory

PJ&PIJU tch! Fullon Bakwaas indeed!

Oh and sorry for being away for a while, my exams were going on hence havent been able 2 comment frequently.
Read all thy posts and up-to-date on my 'bakwaas' quota.


Main to follower bhi hun aapki :)
Kshama kijiye is becharey bhakt ko. Aahinda First Comment chodunga :D

ItAteMyBrain said...

u got some wild imaginations and a good way of story telling :)

Shanu said...

@ Suresh

Thanks..Glad u njoyed it..Keep dropping by!

Shanu said...

@ Riddhi

Welcome to my blog.

Thank you for the daanth ;)I hope it has a gold filling :P

Glad to know i aint the only directionally dyslexic person arnd!!

Shanu said...

@ Kludgemaker

PJ is a modern day princess..she doesnt like traditional stuff like shikakai!! And Livon was the only brand the British could lay their hands on!!

@ ApocalypSE

Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Brownphantom

Yeah..mankind will be indebted to PIJU and PJ forever!!

Thanks for following me :) It defnlty acts as a gr8 motivator!!

Shanu said...

@ Dphat

Chalo maaf kiya...after all tuhi toh mera pehla follower hai..tujhse rut kar main kahan jaungi!! :)

And all the best for ur exams!

Shanu said...

@ ItAtemybrain

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! This was an awesome fairytale! So ahead of its times! And so well narrated err typed. :)
Loved it!!!

& thanks for your comments on my blog! I simply love your write ups to pieces:)

Shanu said...

@ Choco

Thank you babe!

Anonymous said...

ROFL... Too good :)

Keep them coming :)

Shanu said...

@ Miss Kido

Thanks :)

Parikshith Kumar said...

Princess Jaijaishubhalaxmi... Goodness gracious me, what a name!!! ha ha ha ha ha... :-)

Can I get have that toothy beauty to be the brand ambassador of my dant-manjan brand which I'm gonna launch?

Good one. You are one crazy girl:-)

Shanu said...


Crazy? Me?

Wow thats the best compliment ever :P

And abt PJ endorsing your daanth manjan brand..sorry her dates are booked till 2011..try after that ;)

Mayz said...

now thats some sacrifice from PIJU!!

Shanu said...

@ Mayz

Yeah..hez the kinda guy all girls wish for :P

The Hoverer said...

nice sweet funny hahahaha shud be included in one of those books for kids or on another line of thot its a perfect tinkle candidate

kudos really nice

numerounity said...

Such a toothy love story…loved the characterization PJ, PIJU and UK…lolz…

meri bakwaas aur sun ni ho to do visit-


Shanu said...

@ Hoverer

Thank you.

Btw welcome to my blog..keep droppin by!

Shanu said...

@ Numero

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Will drop by ur blog!

Crimson Feet said...

here for the first time... truly full on bakwas ! :)

blunt edges said...

kya baat hai yaar? koi posts nahi? u r more regular arent u? meri bimaari kab se lag gayi? (long gap between posts!)

Beauty and the BEast said...

LOL!! this is super duper hillarious!!!

Very innovative too..

and the toothie si love story has a happily ever after too... awww...

Shanu said...

@ Crimson

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Shanu said...

@ Blunt

Nahi re..main aur regular? kabhi nahi!! No time to write..but will soon..tum humare likhe hue waqya padhne ke liye taras rahe ho yeh jankar hum khush hue :P

Shanu said...

@ Beauty

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bondgal_rulz said...

Ha ha...your blog posts are so in line with the blog title. :D

LOVED it!!! Very funny AND cute!!


$IDDH@RTH@ said...

hahaha good one... :-)
Badi fursat me banaya hai i suppose, nice.. keep smiling! :)