Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are you on FB??

The blogging fever has really gripped me off late...I mean I actually think of what I can post next at 1 in the morning(****yawns****)..I get inspiration in the weirdest of places and in the middle of random conversations...Its like I have been gripped by Blogomania.

Its no wonder then that the minute i set my eyes on this status update on Facebook I had to post it here......all names have been changed to protect identities.

Read at your own risk!!

This was the status message Mr XXX updated on his facebook account:

XXX has got two boils inside his nose..... boo hoo :(( (Super Painful)

D Likes this
S at 5:28pm May 9

P at 5:30pm May 9
omg takecare it must be really hurting na??? aur sneeze aai to??

R at 5:56pm May 9
take care of both one by one

K at 8:22pm May 9 via Facebook Mobile
try sneezing........... :P

R at 12:07am May 10
atleast stop fingerin der bro

D at 12:11am May 10
Eekssss !!! Lol

A at 1:25am May 10
hmmmmmmmmmm... stop digging ur nose for a while lol:)

XXX at 2:27pm May 10
I am in pain n D likes this... u meano!
S dont laugh or ill give u a pain somewhere else... lol
Yeah P very painful yaa....
R took care of both......
K & A i dont dig like u guys..... lol
K gud one !

I am sure after reading this..you must be wondering...subah ke 1 baje aise inspirations aate hain kya...obsvly na yaar...wat else do u expct....I also realize I might lose the only ** now 2 ** followers (***yay***) I have (***Shudders***) but pls pls pls..dont go...Ill try to think of sumthin better next time!!


damsel in distress said...

u hav two followers(man how come i am invisible over the blogosphere too??)

great laugh.this one.

Shanu said...

Lol..Sorry my bad!!

Time to hit the edit button!!

Sid said...

Why do i think i know who XXX is... :P

Shanu said...


Hahahahaha...u are soo mistaken u stupid boy!!

blunt edges said...

u cudnt hv named ur blog better...lol...n great u got 2 followers...dere r ppl out dere (read me me me me me) who taras even ek ke liye ;)
read thru a few of ur previous posts...liked "d way u say my name" n d "sad songs" one...n d name "Jaijaishubhlaxmi" rocks ;)

Shanu said...

@ blunt edges

How strange is life...tum followers ke liye taras jate ho and hum comments ke liye taras jaate hain..abd btw..u have 1 follower na..toh kyun bol raha hai ki ek bhi nahi hai???

iceprincess said...

blogomania...i understand...now that i have followers i even need to maintain d standard of my posts...sighghgh
u got one more follower..me..am there...

Shanu said...


Thank u :-)

blunt edges said...

geez...i din even notice wen he became a follower...yippie...i m in d big league now ;)

Parikshith Kumar said...

This one's a good laugh :-)

DPhatsez said...

Kya Bakwaas tha!
I'm sure you'd take it as a compliment :)
So you're crazy about comments. :)

Ab mujhe follow karo kyunki tere post padhne ke baad bhi main yahaan hoon :)


Shanu said...


Yup thats a compliment :):):)

Following you..Cheers!!

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gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hehehe too good...oho so are u also the part of the nocturnal human species?? the one's who get ideas at the time when the whole world is sleeping?

Shanu said...


Yup...my cellphone is full of notes..i keep adding them wenever i get an inspiration..while sleepin, while reading...in a meeting...and in a whole range of places u defntly dont wanna kno abt!! :P

joiedevivre said...

very fokat