Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Rick in Time....

I hate walking.
Seriously I mean it...I hate walking.
With Paro's entry in my life..things have become easier (although I am still dependant on Vishnukaka..but what the heck..I can get anywhere I want without walking!) but I cannot forget my first love..The Rickshaw

When I was younger I loved taking the rickshaw wherever I went...Infact there was a point when my mom was so fed up of my rickking ways that she would threaten to get me married to a rickwala if I didn't stop. And I in my kiddish dreams would imagine myself married to a rickwala and all the perks that came with it. I was actually quite upset when my mom started concentrating on the fact that I couldnt cook and started threatening that she would get me married to a cook.

Anyways, back to the point.

My love for the rickwalas is not without a cause. I can recall a 10001 incidents when they have helped me out!

The rickwala is the answer to 2 of my greatest shortcomings. Don't believe me? Let me explain:

1) I suck at directions and I mean it: I travelled to college by train for 2 years. I would take the same train everyday..get down on the same platform..walk up the same foot over bridge and take the same steps down to get to my college in the west. One fine Monday I was late. I missed the bus which took me to the station. That made me miss the train that I usually took. On the spur of the moment...I decided to take the fast train from the opposite platform.I got off the train and followed the crowd up the footover bridge.

Walking down the bridge I realised that everything seemed different. Wow how much things have changed over the weekend I thought to myself. I realised something was amiss when I hadnt reached my college inspite of walking for a good 20 mins.

Bhaiyya yeah *** College kidhar hai?
Madam *** toh west main hai..yeah toh east hai!!
Acha..abhi main west main kaise jaaun?
Madam Rickshaw pakad lo...10 mins main pahunch jaaoge.

See what I mean?

2) I am always late: The rickwala has saved my life so many times I cant even count.
Late? Just say I didnt get a rick.
Really late? Tell the rickwala "Bhaiyya mujhe Powai 20 mins main pahunchna hai" and there u are...from Andheri to Powai in 20 mins flat!!
Really really late? Blame the rickwala "God my rickwala was so slow... I could have walked faster!"

From school to college to office...the rickshaw has stood by my side..solid as a rock..ever ready and ever willing to whisk me away whenever I am lost (quite often) and to take the blame whenever I am late(always).
Although my relationship with the rickwalas has soured after Paro's antics (I have crashed into the headlights of one and into the tail lights of another).....this is one relationship I will cherish forever.


Sowmi said...

So you love rickwalas??? lolz.. nice post :)

Shanu said...

@ Sowmi

Thanks :)

Still thinking said...

Happy Birthday :)

Will come back for the post.

Mayz said...

ROFL!!! that really really late wala thing was awesome!!! hehehehe

u r d first person who has smthn nice to say abt d rickshawalas...

lol @ ur mom gettin u married to a cook

blunt edges said...

was it ur bday? i guess it was...why on earth wud anyone wish otherwise
happy bday n nice 2 hear some gud words abt rickwallahs...actually 4 d 1st time ever...way 2 go...maybe u can write how gud terrorists r d next time around...lmao...actually i "like" b'lore rickwallahs just as much as i like terrorists ;)
n nice template...but not as good as mine ;D :D
n surprisingly gud work without d help of d master ;)
n why r my comments always so huge?!?!?!

Parikshith Kumar said...

Very interesting stuff :-)

Maybe since you are a Mumbai resident, you happen to swear by the rickshawallas. I'm sure if you were a resident of B'lore or Chennai, you would be swearing at them!!

And lol everytime I hear about your Paro!!!

P.S : The new template is very funky! Haven't seen this one anywhere before.

Shanu said...

@ Still Thinking

Thank you :)

Shanu said...

@ Mayz

Ya they surely deserve it for all that they have done for me over the yrs ***wipes a tear***

Shanu said...

@ blunt edges ur comments!!

And ya it was my bday..thnks for the wishes.

U like the template?? Wow glad to kno that!! was totally pakkaued with the old template..finally meri mehnat kam aayi!!

And keep the huge comments coming..i sumtimes feel they are better thn my blog posts (OK now im lyin..but kya karen...template master ko toh khush rakhna padega na..kya pata kab help chahiye ho!)

Shanu said...

@ Parikshith Kumar

Trust me..Paro's antics are good to read...but v diff to endure!!

Glad u liked the template :)

arshat.chaudhary said...

hhehehe.. I liked the "Wow how much things have changed over the weekend I thought to myself. " heheee..
Why the ***? college ka naam likho yaar! :P

Mia Dickinson said...

You should see the rickshaws we have in London...the guys ride them with a bicycle.
Its hard work! I miss the ones in Delhi
Mia x

blunt edges said...

thot i'll end d comment wid dat one word...but den my comments r neva dat short typin out dis part which actually means nothin :D

n btw...ever heard of somethin called a bday party??? :P

Anonymous said...

hey shanu,thanks for visiting me.
this was a hilarious read...i could not imagine u were actually dreamin about marryin a rickwala....hehehheeh.
Cool gurl!! well i have a solution ....get urself a boyfriend...all problems solved...u will never be late to college.

iceprincess said...

good one...
i would love to marry a cook,a bhelpuriwaala ,a bakerywaala...
sighg,think of d goodies..
yea...i love d layout..coz i love d mango designs...

Shanu said...

@ Blunt edges

Birthday party ....MATLAB??


Shanu said...

@ Arshat tat clueless abt directions!! LOL

And wahi toh mere college ka naam hai..*** (3 star college);o)

@ Mia

Welcome to my blog!!

Shanu said...

@ Songofsea

Experience tells me that gettin a bf is the cause of all probs and not the solution :P

Thanks for dropping by

@ iceprincess

ya..thnks for the idea..ill let my mom kno..a lifetime supply of panipuri and pastries..pure bliss :)

Glad u liked my new layout..was abslty pakkaued of my old one :)

blunt edges said...

ha ha ha...hope u had a wonderful bday anyways...eventhough u dunno wat a party means ;)

Shanu said...

@ Blunt edges

Yup had a gr8 frnds made it really special :)

Jinu P said...

haha! irrespective of the fact that rick wallahs can loot u when they want to, i totally agree that rick walas have been my pillars at more times than 1. hail rickshw wallas! :D

Anonymous said...

staying in bangalore, i developed quite a relation myself wd rick !! this was good read :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

Cheers 2 all the ricks!! :)

Shanu said...

@ Jinu

Hail Rickwalas!! :)

Welcome to my blog :)

Shanu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shanu said...

@ Pretty Me

Welcome to my blog! :)

@ Cursed

Cheers :)

Welcome to my blog

Stillness Speaks said...

There was a book titled "Why women don't listen and men don't read maps". I think it should be the other way round. The same ways look so different at night. At times even in the day! Been there done that :D Nice post though.

Shanu said...

@ Still Thinking

Ohh I soo agree with the things looking different in the nite..i alwyz blamed that on the fact that i m clueless abt directions..gld to know i have company :)

Mumbai Diva said...

love the little pictures all over your posts. very cool.

blunt edges said...

sorry 4 all dat drama

Shanu said...

@ Mumbai Diva

Thanks for droppin by..Welcome to my blog!!

Shanu said...

@ Blunt edges

Nahi re...It was fun..I am alwyz open to new experiences..and this one defntly tops all my experiences in blogsville.

So just chill.

blunt edges said...

:) cyber hi-five :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

I love rickshaws...just cannot imagine life without them...imagine meri life adhuri lagti hain when there is a rickshaw, taxi strike. But there's 1 thing i hate and that is when the rickshawwala refuses to take me to my destination when i need him the most

Shanu said...


Ohh I hate that too..esp wen they thrw thr tantrums when u are late. I guess love-hate relationshp hai humara!!

Love them or hate them..u just cant live w/o them!

suzziii said...

Hey Shanu...

nice one for the rick walas...

this is the first post on ur blog that I have read... :)

tumhaari bakwaas achi lagi...

keep on writing...

till then..
lemme glance over ur other posts...