Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lessons learnt on the back seat!!

Well this post is not as controversial as the title suggests. What I have tried to do here is put together all the lessons I have learnt..where else but on the backseat ;-)

Lessons learnt on the back seat of a Car:

  • Two is company but 3 is crowd: Especially when you are sandwiched between 2 plump people who insist on sitting by the window seat...yet keeping the window rolled up inspite of the car not having a functional AC. Get the picture??
  • The front seat can attack you netime: Especially if it is occupied by a moron who wont warn you before reclining the seat.
  • Seatbelts are there for a reason: I learnt this the hard way when my driver was manoveruing the scary ghats at speeds that would put a F1 driver to shame
Lessons learnt on the back bench of a Classroom:

  • All difficult questions are directed to the backbenchers: Duh..this is a no brainer isnt it. No wonder we backbenchers are not able to answer any questions...wat else do you expect!
  • No matter who hits the teacher with the chalk, ne1 found laughing on the backbench will be caught: Need I explain this further??

Lessons learnt on the back seat of a Bus:
  • The windows are there for a reason: And that is to protect you from the rain of puke that the nasty kid in the seat in front of you is busy showering on you.

  • The bumpier the road the greater the number of speedbreakers: And what better way to prove this then by counting the number of jolts your back receives?
  • The greater the number of speed breakers/the bumpier the road, the higher the speed of the bus: This is an extension of the earlier lesson. There is nothing better than your aching back help you learn this!!

Lessons learnt on the back seat of a Bike:
Technically it should be the pillion but wat the heck!
  • You can fly: Yeah u can..just try not holding on to anything while crusing down the road. One unanticipated break and you are superman/woman sailing through the sky!!


iceprincess said...

utterly funny....
one more a back bencher..teachers always look at u...only d back benchers,sigh...

DPhat said...

Bakwas mela khula hain kya yahaan pe? :)

Funny and interesting observations.
One pointer: Um..when you saw a person is well doesn't mean they're bulky, it means something totally different which i'm sure you weren't intending :)look it up rather than me telling you here.

Udne ke liye backbencher banne ki zaroorat nahin hain. Red bull piyo because red bull gives you wings :)

Madam i shall do you the honour of being your first follower! Keep Blogging!

Shanu said...


Thanks :)

@ DPhat:

My very first follower..OH MY GOD(janice ishtyle)i cannot blv it...thank u thank u thank u :):):)

And yes..i just looked at wat well endowed means***blushes*** Time to hit the edit button!!

damsel in distress said...

I dunno how u ended up on my blog..but i sure am glad u did...coz that made me bump into urs..liked the!!!

Sowmi said...

Hilarious and I was a backbencher when I was in school.. from ukg to 12th std.. a back bencher lolz

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Wah! i quite liked your observations...backbenchers wala is so true...i face it all the time.

Shanu said...

@ Damsel in distress

Sorry took me so long to respond to ur comment...pardon my blogiquette!

Thanks for droppin by :)

Shanu said...

@ Sowmi and Gayathri

That makes 3 of us then!! :)