Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of sad songs and broken hearts...

Its heart break season for me.. I have had 2 heart breaks in the last 4 months...that an average of 1/2 a month..and these 4 months have kinda made me an authority on the subject.. More on that later.

Have you ever wondered why sad songs are associated with heart breaks…I mean whenever I am feeling low….listening to these songs make me feel more miserable…and I obviously wouldn’t want ne1 else to suffer the way I did these last 4 months....So (***drumrolls***) I decided to come up with a list of the 10 songs you shouldn’t listen to when u are down and low…!!

This list is purely based on my experience...and effects could vary from individual to individual...so here goes!!

10) If I let u go: A Westlife classic…this is the only English song on the list..mostly because sad song suno toh apni language main suno yaar..watz the point of listenin to a song..jiske lyrics read karke follow karne pade?

9) Abh tere bin ji lenge (Ashiqui): This movie was a super hit when it released….or so I am told by people who where old enough to understand movies…as for me... I watched it recently…and cant imagine what drove people to the theatres..i mean can u inagine watching Anu Agarwal and Rahul Roy on the big screen for 3 hours**shudders** But yes awesome songs..no doubt!

8) Tujhe yaad na meri aayi(KKHH): My favorite SRK wala movie **kisses** Ohh how I cried buckets with Anjali when her best frnd Rahul ditches her for the hot and happening Tina….Loads of heart broken memories associated wit this song…a strong contender for the top 5.

7) Ya Rabba(Salaam e Ishq): The movie sucked but this song rocked….I criedbuckets just during this song..the rest of the while…I spent imagining what I cld have done with the money I had spent on the tickets….my tears were for the 100 Rs spent on the super flop movie

6) Main jahan rahon(Namaste London): Who could have imagined Himesh Reshammiya could come up with a gem like this!!

5) Kal ho na ho (sad version): This song has to be seen….u cant feel the emotions when you listen to it..….the way SRK kisses PZ....the way he gives her away to Saif…the waterworks are sure to flow.

4) Tu jahaan(Salaam Namaste):Again awesome picturization and superb lyrics…this song was the saving grace of an otherwise forgettable movie.

3) Tum Bin(Tum Bin) : Number 3 and 2 are the from the same movie..Tumbin...great songs…they can turn a sunny day to a cloudy one..they will remind you of all your lost loves and make you cry your heart out….don’t blv me..listen to them and you will know.

2) Meri duniya main aake mat jaa (Tum Bin)

1) Aaoge jab tum ho sajna(Jab we met): The greatest sad song ever…awesome lyrics and super acting (who can frgt the sad Geet) makes this the badshah of all sad songs.

I am sure I must have missed quite a few songs (whether they deserve to be in the top 10..is totally debatable) but I for one tend to stay away from these songs whenever I am feeling low. I prefer listening to what I call feel good songs…which add a spring to my step and make me feel there is hope in this world.

Just my point of view..btw you are free to suggest any changes I need to make to this list…so that I know if there are any other songs I need to stay away from.

**I havent had 2 heartbrks in the last 4 months...man that would be insane..but yes, thank you for all your emails..I am deeply touched***


IcE MaiDeN said...

OMG!!!! I hav had a breakup jus recently N i spent ALL of d first few days to these EXACT same songs!!!

these and Somebodys Me - Enrique. Khamaj - FUZON, Nahin Saame - TAAL, Teri Yadeein - Love story (d TV serial :P )... ryt nw i m off these songs n listening to party songs. lolz. hope u reached d party song stage too by now. :)

Wow. Similiar tastes ki these are d universal songs?.. :)


Shanu said...

Love Nahin Saamne too..but cldnt include it in here..kya na...sirf 10 songs ka list bana rahi thi...but im sure i have left out many deserving ones too..like the ones from Remix..tht serial had sum pretty awesome songs too.

And yes..have reached the party songs stage ages ago...cant b somber for long...just isnt me :)

damsel in distress said...

hmm...rabba frm musafir, blue eyes blue-OST from the movie the runaway bride, beete lamhe(how could you keep that out), tadap frm hddcs, jiye toh jiye from saajan...the list will go on and on ..oh,my heart will go on too...

nice list..good advice!:)

arshat.chaudhary said...

Ya rabba is such a lovely song.. The Jab we met song, i always thought it was called barsega sawaan, is rightly at number 1. But I think it sounds better than it looks. :)

arshat.chaudhary said...

Sorry for your heartbreak. If I may add, everything will be fine :)

Shanu said...


Thanks :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Aaoge jab tum sajnaa...eggjactly its my all time favorite. Another song that i love is Bhool jaa by Shaan...the must-hear song when u r going through a heartbreak

Shanu said...

@ Gayathri

So many songs to choose frm...sumtimes i feel 1 heartbrk is not enuff :P